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Ordinary Time

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"Ordinary Time is the period in the Church calendar outside of other major seasons, and runs 33 or 34 weeks. In Latin, Ordinary Time is called Tempus Per Annum ("time throughout the year"). The season falls between Christmas and Lent, and also between Easter and Advent, exclusive.

"The Latin Tempus Per Annum ('time throughout the year') is rendered into English as "Ordinary Time." Many sources, both online and in print, suggest that Ordinary Time is derived from the word ordinal, meaning 'numbered,' since the Sundays of Ordinary Time, as in other seasons, are ordered numerically.

"However, other sources suggest the etymology of 'Ordinary Time' is related to our word 'ordinary' (which itself has a connotation of time and order, derived from the Latin word ordo).

"Either way, Ordinary Time occurs outside of other seasons in the Church calendar, periods in which specific aspects of the mystery of Christ are celebrated. According to The General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar, the days of Ordinary Time, especially the Sundays, 'are devoted to the mystery of Christ in all its aspects.'"

Divine Office Psalm Prayer

You are the fullness of life, of holiness, and of joy.
Fill our days and nights with the love of your wisdom,
that we may bear fruit in the beauty of holiness,
like a tree watered by running streams.
Psalm Cycle, Sunday Week One

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