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Family/Children's Mass

Held once a month, usually on the 1st Sunday, during the Religious Education Program year. Children from Grades 1-4 are gift bearers, greeters, and hand out the bulletins. Children in Grades 5-8 are collectors and readers.

Crowning Curriculum


Family worship at mass is the most important part of our
curriculum. As the primary and principal educators of your
children, it is important that you are faithful to Church. Worship
with your children at a weekend Liturgy. Let them see young and
old alike at Mass in community prayer and celebration.
Remember, they cannot bring themselves, so you, who are their greatest influence, must show them the way. Come and celebrate with your child’s class at the special class Masses and other celebrations. Your child and his/her catechist will appreciate your presence and interest.


RCL Publishers for Grades 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6
These textbooks are built on the spiral method of learning that has proven to be the most effective approach to Religious Education and Faith Formation. The Spiral Learning Method - the timeless truths of our Catholic faith are taught every year on
every grade level.

Doctrine – Our Beliefs: develop a deep understanding of the faith in children as they grow and mature by teaching the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (profession of faith – The Creed; the sacraments of faith; the life of faith – The
Commandments; and prayer of the believer – The Lord’s Prayer)

Scripture – Our Stories: help children break open andapply Scriptures to their lives with special chapters dedicated entirely to the in-depth study of the Bible.

Liturgical Year – Our Celebrations: connect lessons with the liturgical life of the parish community every Sunday with material for all the weeks of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.

Each child in the program will receive their own textbook. The catechists will have a Catechist’s Manual to guide them through lessons and activities.


First Reconciliation and First Eucharist RCL Publishers

These two textbooks are effective sacramental catechesis tools that are:

1) Rooted in a solid sacramental theology that includes ritual, prayer, Scripture, doctrine and reflection that leads to service.

2) Centered in community, which “lives, celebrates and bears witness to faith."


Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation

Textbook: Christ in the Liturgy by RCL Publishers.
This textbook reviews the main ideas and beliefs of our Catholic faith. This book is an aid to help them prepare for the Confirmation Exam administered in Grade 7.

Prayer Book: We Believe & Pray by Sadlier

Notebook by St. Mary’s Religious Education Office to help your child be prepared to take the Confirmation Exam administered in Grade 7.

Textbook: Confirmed in the Spirit by Loyola Press
Through a variety of learning experiences such as prayer and liturgy, the Confirmation candidate will learn about the truths and the beauty of their faith as well as the richness of our Catholic tradition.


As mandated by our Bishop, our program includes Family Life Education. Our text is published by Benzinger Co. depending on the grade level of the student. There will
be no exemptions from the Family Life Program. This program specifically addresses four needs of today’s developing young Catholics:

1. Young people need skills and knowledge for family living, both now and for the future when they, too, may become mature Catholic parents.

2. Young people need to understand their own physical, emotional and spiritual development, as well as the development of people around them.

3. Young people need to cultivate a deep respect for all life, especially human life.

4. Young people need to develop a Catholic Christian understanding of and reverence for sexuality.

5. Young people need to relate with others outside the family, and thereby take their responsible place in society.